Welcome to Knoxville Area Community Hospital.  This hospital is located about 15 miles South West of Pella, in the city of Knoxville, which is the county seat for Marion County. 

 If there would be an MCI in our proximity, the two hospitals in our county would be barraged with patients so it is equally important that we include this facility in our communication recourses. 

After the Pella Regional Health Center amateur radio communications project was completed, we contacted the Knoxville Area Community Hospital administration and proposed the same plan to them. They welcomed us with open arms.

We then located a financial sponsor and the following is what was realized...........

Just as we did at Pella Regional Health Center, a Comet CX-333 tri-band antenna was purchased and mounted on top of the roof (visible just to the right of the tower).  Again, a tri-bander was chosen in order to offer more options, if it becomes necessary.

This is the Emergency Department’s nurse’s station.  It was their desire, during an MCI, that amateur radio be located at this desk. As you can see, wall space is at a premium so we brought the coax in, under the desk.

Taking a peek under the desk, you can see the typical rats nest of wires.  The coax was rolled up and hanging on the jerry-rigged hanger on top of the plate, but as you can see, it is pushed off and the end was stuck behind the drawers.  If we would ever be called to serve, the intent is to route the end of the coax (PL259 attached) up the back of the desk and into our radio.

This was a fairly simple and straight forward project but the important thing is that we have established another control point in our emergency communications system.