In a nutshell, echolink is amateur radio software that utilizes voip (voice over internet protocol) to relay amateur radio communications from one node to another, anywhere on earth. Communications are established between a computer terminal or radio to another computer terminal or radio.

The Pella Amateur Radio Club has chosen to have access to echolink through our repeater. The repeater is linked to a computer (below) at the n0mpm qth and can be accessed by any amateur radio operator who can connect to our repeater.

Pella Echolink Installation


Node: 50219

Station Location:  N0MPM Shack



Gateway Essential 700C

CPU:  Pentium Pro III  700 MHz

RAM:  64 MB

Hard Drive:  15 GB

Soundcard:  Sound Blaster



Alinco DR-150

2 Meter FM Xcvr

Power:  50 Watts in Echolink Simplex Mode

10 Watts in Echolink Repeater Mode

Power Supply:  Astron 12 V/30 Amp


Audio/PTT Interface

Homebrew opto-isolation with 1:1 transformers



Echolink version 2.0.908

Written and supported by K1RFD

Node is registered to N0MPM

Operating in Sysop Mode

Sysop can control both RF and Internet links via remote web access


Internet Link

Medicom Cable Modem

Running fixed IP address/ports