Designing Your Own Program of Near Space Exploration

Constructing the Near Space Capsule Airframe

Simple Near Space Trackers and Telemetry Systems

Two NearSys Central Computer/Programmable Sequencers

Electronics Supporting the Flight ComputerWrap Up And Near Space Qualifying

Near Space Recovery Systems

Remote Imaging from Near Space

Near Space Experiments

Launch Support Equipment

Launch Procedures

Chase And Recovery

Weather and Flight Predictions

Where To Go From Here

Federal Aviation Regulation FAR 101

An Introduction to the Amateur Near Space Program

Temperature Sensor for the Hobo DataLogger

Getting around Difficulties Associated with Amateur Space Exploration

Adapting Cell Phone Battery Cells for Near Space Use

Blame It on CanadArm

Making a Light Sensor for the HOBO DataLogger

Choosing the Best Data-Logger for Your Flight

Difficulties Associated with Amateur Space Exploration

Updates on Modifying Cameras for Digital Control

Experiments for Your Near Spacecraft

The Thermal Test Chamber

Modifying a PenCam for Use in Near Space Applications

The Well-Dressed Astronaut

The History of Cosmic Rays

The Space ElevatorEdge of Space Sciences HandbookFederal Aviation Regulations / Unmanned Ballooning