Jim Emmert

LiLicense: Extra

203 Franklin St.

Pella, Iowa 50219







41 24.394N

091 54.460W




The Shack (1995-2006)

The Shack (2007 - )

P.A.R.C. Emergency Coordinator

Repeater Trustee

ICN (Fiber Optic) Link Trustee

PARC Web Master

PENS Co-Director

Visual Arts Instructor (9-12)

Associate Professor (Des Moines Area Community College)

Paramedic Specialist



My (our) Antenna Farm

This is Karen, KB0KXE, stationed in our tornado shelter. The shelter is a 6' x 8' underground concrete bunker which is equipped with VHF/UHF communications, computer for internet and digital communications, HDTV for WX, telephone, and DVD for the kids. Since I am usually out sky watching, during threating weather, Karen keeps us informed, via repeater, of real-time weather conditions and also she has direct contact with the national weather service with our fiber optic line, to pass information back and forth.

We have emergency power available and the right half of the desk is packed with bottled water and MRE's. There is an antenna switch which gives the option of 1) on the tower 2) in the attic 3) or in the wall at ground level, pending on the degree of damage to the house. If destruction wipes out the ground level antenna, 100% of her attention will be devoted to our children.