Field Day 2005 was another successful event. We chose a shelter house located next to Red Rock Lake.

Three different stations were assembled. The station on the right was used to keep track of hams with GPS in their vehicles.

A truck held our antenna mast upright and Steve Jensen, KC0EBL, connected most of the equipment together

Johnathon Van Kooten, KC0SLB, and Dave Van Haaften, WB0YQR, were active operators for most of Field Day.

We get our children interested in amateur radio by taking them along with us. Interest is held with the inclusion of hot dogs, camp fires and bakery goodies. Oh yea.....the kids liked that part too!

During the fall of 2005, Steve Jansen, KC0EBL, shares amateur radio with a group of cub scouts, near Albia, IA.

Field Day - 2006 was a great adventure. We were able to set up on farm ground, surrounded by Iowa corn fields and pasture. The weather was perfect and we had a great turn-out of participants.

George Carson, W0ZVY, supervises Dennis Hoffman, KA0UKA, and Dave Van Haaften, WB0YQR, as they erect an inverted-V on a 30', telescoping, fiberglass pole.

Dave then sets up his station and goes right to work.

Our emcom station was our second station. Here we have Curtis Van Vark, KB0BHR, at the controls as an interested observer tadkes it all in. This station is connected to a J-Pole, vertical trap and and a 2-element beam for 40 and 80 meters. Dennis Hoffman, KA0UKA, tries his hand at ditital communications while Dave Van Haaften, WB0YQR, and Jim Sheperd, W0JS, look on. Another interested observer checks out a hand-held on the left

Dave Van Haaften, WB0YQR, shares his entheusiasm for amateur radio with a group of high school students.

Dennis Hoffman, KA0UKA, racks up points as he burns the midnight oil.

Jim Lasley, N0JL, is our ARRL Midwest Division Section Manager. He always gets invited, always shows up, and he is always good for several CW contacts.